Buy a timeslot!

One of our lesser-known offerings at Dodgeball Winnipeg is the ability to buy a custom schedule for the season. This is also known as a timeslot.

When you sign up for a season and do not buy a timeslot, you still get to choose the night of the week you play, but you do not get to choose the time or place that your team plays. If your team buys a timeslot, however, you get to choose the time and place where your team plays (from the available times and locations for that night of the week).

Timeslots cost $90 per team, and we only sell 2 per night of the week. They can only be purchased through our webstore. If you are interested in paying $90 for a custom schedule for your team, check out the link:

For example:
1. Average Joes buys a timeslot for Sunday nights. They play in the bronze division, which is being run at 7pm/8pm/9pm out of “Generic Gymnasium” or 6:30/7:30/8:30pm out of “Placeholder Community Center”. They choose to have their games at 7:00 pm every night at Generic Gymnasium.

2. Purple Cobras buys a timeslot for Wednesday nights. Wednesday nights are only run 7pm/8pm/9pm Sinclair Park Community Center. They choose to have all their games at 7pm at Sinclair Park, except for the first game which they ask to have at 9pm because one of their players has a meeting that evening.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us at