Registration – when will it open?

Currently we have opened draft registration to current participants (check your email, a link was sent out!) but we have not opened up other registration yet.

Why? Because we are still waiting for confirmation from Dakota Fieldhouse, Qualico Centre, and Duckworth Centre on exactly how much space they will be granting us this fall. We do not want to open registration until we can tell you exactly which divisions we will have on each night of the week, and DFH informed us on Friday they were close to being done their fall schedule and would get back to us early this week. As soon as we receive confirmation from at least one of these venues that we will have enough space to run the Open-Court divisions we wish to run, we will open registration.

We already have space Sunday-Thursday for regular league nights, and could open it now, but we understand a lot of players are waiting to see what will be available for open-court space before they commit to registering a team. We wish to make the registration process as fair as possible and for that reason we are not opening it yet.


Q: Will there be a women’s division?
A: Yes, no matter what happens with gym space we will run a women’s division this Fall

Q: Will Thursdays be at Dakota Fieldhouse?
A: We are waiting to see how much space they can grant us, and if we will need to supplement that with space at other gymnasiums as well

Q: Will open-court be Thursday only?
A: Until we have a response from our gym partners, we cannot answer that question

Q: When will early bird pricing end?
A: We are waiting to open registration in its entirety first, and will then choose an appropriate date for early bird to end

Thank you!