Fall is going to be HUGE

We are looking forward to a massive fall season, and we do mean massive. We sold out last fall, when we had space for only ~80 or so teams. With 65 teams this summer, we shattered all expectations. Summer is typically when people gravitate away from indoor sports, but not Winnipeg!

This fall we are prepared for much higher numbers than in past. We spent the last few months digging for suitable gym space, and now we have space for 16 draft teams, 42 Sundays, 8 Mondays, 14 Tuesdays, 18 Wednesdays, 6 Premier, and 14 Thursdays.

This is all based on previous registration numbers and our projections for growth this season based on growth in previous seasons. If we manage to fill a night, we will look for more space but in the meantime let’s fill up what we got!