Minimum attendance rules

When we implemented the spares rules in 2016, one of the rules was that rostered teammates must have attended 3 games minimum to participate in semi-finals and the championship match. This was to keep ringers out of playoffs.

From time to time, based on feedback, we review certain rules to see if they match how the community feels. Now that rosters have been more consistent, spares rules are being followed, and the league has grown, the need/worry about “ringers” has lessened considerably.

The arguments in favor of the rule are 1) Keeps ringers out of playoffs 2) Makes sure that players actually attend season games if they want to play in playoffs

Arguments against the rule are 1) If a player is already officially on a roster, they’re not allowed to be on another team’s roster and should be allowed to play 2) In gold level play there are no real “ringers”, so anybody on the roster should be allowed to play in playoffs 3) Life comes up, sometimes people don’t make a lot of season games but are still on the team and want to play every game they’re available

We are also willing to compromise, and simply remove the minimum number for gold games. We would continue keeping track of attendance for Silver/Bronze games in order to maintain the spirit of the rule – keeping ringers out of the lower leagues in playoffs.

We have created a survey to gather feedback on this rule officially, since unofficially we have had some people express a desire to remove it.

Please visit the survey here to express your opinion. We will close the survey in 1 week’s time and adjust the rules based on the result. We are not looking to augment it in any way – just keep it, remove it from gold, or remove it entirely.

Please keep in mind this will not affect the current season, only Fall 2017 and subsequent seasons.

Edit: Just to be clear, we are not looking at changing the spares policy, that will remain as it is – it is functioning very well with little incident. We are only discussing the possibility of removing the 3 game minimum required to attend playoffs.