Schedules and available space

We are beginning to roll out schedules, but still have time to add in some late teams if you have a team but missed registration. Our Sunday Bronze, Monday Bronze, and Tuesday Silver divisions all have room for 1 more team. If we do not get those teams, then those divisions will end up playing double headers.

In the meantime, we have rolled out the Wednesday schedules which are finalized, the Tuesday schedules are up (but any game labeled double header could change if we get a Tuesday silver team). Monday is the same as Tuesday in that respect, and same with Sunday bronze.

Sunday schedules are a work in progress. With 12 draft teams and 29 league teams it is a very complicated beast – especially since most of our referees also play on Sundays. Those schedules are coming out but will take some time to be complete.

Draft schedules will be released after we do the draft Wednesday April 4th. Those should be complete no later than midnight April 5th.

Thursday schedules are lowest on the priority list at the moment, since nationals take place on the 12th so the first Thursday game will not be until April 19th. The Thursday schedules will be released of course 72+ hours before the first game, but that means they may come out any time April 16th or sooner.