Dakota Fieldhouse Housekeeping/special rules

An email to all Tuesday and Thursday captains was sent out with the following information:

All games Tuesdays and Thursdays are played at Dakota Fieldhouse, and there are some housekeeping items we wanted to get out of the way:

  1. Please bring ball-retrievers! Showing up to a game with just enough players to play is not enough people. You will need at least one person to retrieve balls that go out of bounds for your team. Ideally 2-3 people. It’s okay for players who are not playing that round to retrieve balls, or ones that are knocked out, but showing up to a game with exactly 6 people will be insufficient and majorly impact your experience as active players are not permitted to walk out of bounds to retrieve a ball. If you’re short on players, try reaching out to teams that play before or after you and offer to retrieve balls for them in exchange for them retrieving balls for you
  2. Bounceback rule To keep things fair, since some courts have a wall ~10ft behind the back line and others have a curtain ~6ft behind the back line, we have a rule in place where balls that rebound off the rear boundary have to stay/be returned to the side they were thrown at. However, both captains can agree to forego this rule before the match begins. To do so, both captains must approach the referee together to inform them that they want to allow bouncebacks and not require them to be given back. If even one captain does not wish to forego this rule though, it will stand
  3. Food and drinks that are not water must be kept outside the gymnasium. There are lots of tables there, your food/drinks will be safe there.
  4. Drop-ins will be run 7-9pm Tuesdays and 7:30-9:30pm Thursdays (except April 18th). Any players who wish to play in the drop-ins are permitted to do so, and if they have a team that plays that night and can only attend one hour of drop-in, will be permitted to do so for just $5, however they will not be permitted to preregister. Payment will have to be made in person to the referee running the drop-in. Drop-ins will primarily take place on the court nearest the main entrance. Please inform your teammates of this opportunity.