Draft opens to the public May 29

Draft registration opens to the Public May 29th. If you are currently in draft, make sure you register before then to secure your spot!


Hello everyone,

We have been working on repairing/fixing the standings. If there are any issues with your team’s standings now, please send an e-mail to info@dodgeballwinnipeg.com and we will correct them right away.

Again, we apologize for the issues with the standings this season.

Team registration is now open!

Summer season starts up July 9th, so we have opened up registration for team leagues today.

The cost will be $450 per team during early bird for all teams that sign up by 11:59pm June 11th. There are no games on long weekends. Late registration will be $495/team starting June 12th.

Summer season will be 9 games long (7 season, 2 playoffs) and there will be no games on long weekends.

We are off for the long weekend!

We will be taking a short break during the Victoria Day Weekend, and will return Tuesday to answer any inquiries. We will open registration Tuesday afternoon for Summer Team League.

Thanks everyone, talk to you Tuesday!

We’re back!

Alright folks, we are back from the National Dodgeball Tournament in Barrie!

What does this mean?

  1. Draft scores will be entered shortly. We were going to do them on the plane but the iPad I brought with the photos of the scores got left at the airport so that did not happen
  2. Sunday schedules for the rest of the season will be entered shortly
  3. More games to be broadcast! While out in Ontario I broadcast a few games and did commentary on them, which I loved doing. In future DW will try to live stream more games and include commentary to help people interested in the game follow along and learn
  4. We will be opening registration for Summer season very shortly

On the horizon:

  1. We will be hosting a draft tournament soon
  2. Dodgeball Manitoba will be hosting a beach dodgeball tournament to raise funds for 2018 Nationals
  3. Summer teams that have a pun with a specific theme (like last summer) will have money from their registration fee donated to D’Arcy’s ARC to help them replace the medication that was stolen from their facility last night
  4. We will be fixing some house rules in Summer to align ourselves more closely with the international standard (ie: removing the 3, 2, 1 from the beginning of rounds and just starting rounds with a “Teams Ready…. *whistle*)
  5. WDBF style balls will become the standard for our league in Fall for sure, but possibly in summer if we get our order in time for the season
  6. We will host a “cattle call” for people to learn how to be a ref. It will be a day of free dodgeball, training, and at the end everyone who passes a test will become certified to ref for us (and other WDBF style leagues) and be eligible to pick up shifts. More info TBA as we figure out the logistics for this event
  7. We will be hosting a competitive 1v1 tournament to determine who deserves the title of best Sudden Death player

FAQs for spring:

Q: Why were the standings left for weeks without an update?

A: The employee of ours who is in charge of updating standings was spending a LOT of time covering shifts and putting out fires that developed, and the time that was normally allotted to data entry got used up solving more pressing issues

Q: Why are the Sunday schedules being released 1-2 weeks at a time?

A: We have to book a LOT of refs on that day who all work day jobs and most play on Sunday teams as well. We have to fit their reffing schedule around their playing/work schedule unlike a night such as Mondays (for example) where we have 2 refs doing the same shift all season.


Sundays are off until May 28th

Just a reminder Sundays are off May 14 and 21. We will put the schedule out when our team returns from the National Dodgeball Festival. Enjoy the break!

Summer draft

The summer draft registration will be open to current draft players May 8 until May 28. After pre registration closes, we will round up to the next 16 players (minimum 64) to decide how many spots will be available and open it to the public May 29.

Example: 84 players pre register, we will limit it to 96.

Example 2: 33 players pre register, we will limit it to 64.

Thanks and have a great day!



Thursday May 11th

Hello again,

We have had to move Thursday May 11th games to June 1st. We have too many players and staff that will be missing that day (as they will be at the National Dodgeball Festival in Barrie, ON) and will not have enough staff/players in Winnipeg to make running games on that date feasible.

Captains have been notified via email. Enjoy the beautiful weather and the break, as there are no Sunday games on May 14th either. Monday May 15th will happen as normal. Thanks again!

The issue with the standings page has been sorted

Hello all,

Last week it was brought to our attention the standings had not updated in roughly 2 weeks. We have sorted the issues behind the scenes that caused this, expect to see standings up to date shortly. We have begun work on them now. Thanks!

May the fourth be with you

We have a star wars themed drop-in coming May 4th! 8:00pm at Sturgeon, get two hours of dodgeball for $5 if you are wearing something star wars themed.

For more details, check out the facebook event.