Don’t forget to check the important dates page!

There are some dates with no games this season, please check the important dates section of our website (available through the top menu) before messaging the league asking why a date is missing. We have all dates listed there with explanations – so don’t worry, enjoy the days off!

Sunday schedules are tentatively up

We have put up the Sunday schedules for now, and are currently working to staff all the events. This means Sunday schedules may get altered slightly during the day (Wednesday October 11th) while we work to accommodate our referees and their schedules. The Sunday schedule will be considered complete Thursday October 12th.


We have switched insurance companies and no longer require paper waivers. We will be having all waivers digitally signed through permission click. This is required from all players regardless of if they filled out a paper waiver in past.

Please share this link with everyone you play with:

Thank you!

Edit with some FAQs

Q: Do I have to fill out one for each team?
A: Nope! Just one for yourself is sufficient.

Q: Do I have to fill one if I have done paper waivers in past?
A: Yes, we need everything digitally now – we finally found an insurance company that is in the 21st century!

Dude, where’s my schedule?

Schedules are being released right now, starting with Tuesdays, then Wednesdays, Thursdays, Draft, Sundays and finally Mondays, in that order. You will always have your schedule at least 72 hours before your game.

Stay tuned!

Draft happens Monday

The captains are drafting players Monday evening so teams will be released shortly after that.

After registration for team league closes Sep 30, we will begin working on schedules immediately starting Monday October 1st, and will be going non-stop right until all the schedules are complete. Please keep in mind your team’s rosters are due September 30th by 11:59pm so if you are signing up late make sure you submit your roster as soon as you receive the form. Thank you!

Only 3 more days to register a team!

Registration closes September 30th at 11:59 pm, so make sure you have your team paid for by September 30th if you wish to play in the fall season. We are running out of space on a few different nights so don’t wait any longer, if you wait until the last minute someone else might snatch up that spot first!

Today’s tournament is full!

The 1v1 sudden death tournament just filled up with pre registrations, there will be no spots at the door. Thanks all and see you soon!

We are looking for a referee!

Come join the team! We are looking for a referee for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. We pay $16.50/hr, and are a lot of fun to work with. We are looking for people with experience with WDBF rules dodgeball and/or reffing experience. Send your application to thank you!