The Winged Havarti Bye


Date Time Competition Season
August 17, 2017 12:00 pm Thursday Bronze/Silver Summer 2017

The Winged Havarti

# Player Position Hits Catches Game Points Present Total Score Waiver Yellow Cards Red Cards
Karyn RobertsonLeague Player00000000
Brian GordonLeague Player00000000
Mitch JanzenLeague Player00000000
Kendall StelmackLeague Player00000000
Robin YoungDraft Player00000000
Robin CarlsonLeague Player00000000
Belloty Kabamba-BraunLeague Player00000000
Taisa AntoineLeague Player00000000
Midge MacDonaldLeague Player00000000
Charles SteeleLeague Player00000000
21Derek RichardLeague Player00000000
42Roland WilkinsonLeague Player00000000
 Total 00000000