Daniel Stefura

League Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain
Shirt size
Men's Large
Current Team
Ball Munchers, Catch U Next Tuesday, Dances with Tatankas, Make Dodgeball Great Again, Open for Anything, The DEA, Vaalbara, Vinegar Strokes
Past Teams
Ball Munchers, Moneyshot, Sphere and Loathing
Draft League, Draft Playoffs, Premier, Sunday Gold, Sunday Silver, Thursday Gold, Tuesday Gold, Wednesday
2016, 2017, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall Draft 2017, Spring 2017, Summer 2016, Summer 2017, Summer draft 2017, Winter 2017, Winter 2018

Draft League

SeasonTeamHitsCatchesGame PointsPresentTotal ScoreWaiverYellow CardsRed Cards
Fall 2016Moneyshot9314596150.5000
Fall Draft 2017Ball Munchers12015637181.5000
Spring 2017Moneyshot12240526228000
Summer 2016Ball Munchers9627497174.5000
Summer draft 2017Sphere and Loathing12516697191.5000
Winter 2017Ball Munchers10115527157000