Try out dodgeball at a drop-in!

Until recently, there has not been much in the way of drop-in events for Dodgeball. Other sports, like Volleyball, have regular drop-in nights. These are a great way to get people into a sport they haven’t tried before, and grow interest in the sport. Also it’s a fun way to meet new people and play with others that perhaps you have only seen on the other side of the court.

In the month of September, the dodgeball community was lucky enough to see a surge in drop-in events. Adult Supervision Required hosted 2 events with WRL rules, and there have been 2 events with the WDBF rules. That’s 4 events in a single month!

There are 2 more coming up this month! One on October 10th 3pm at Norberry Glenlee, which is $10/person OR free for everyone who is signed up for the BOOM Halloween Tournament. And another on October 24th at 3pm at Norberry Glenlee which will be $10/person or free for anybody signed up for Dodgeball Winnipeg’s draft league.

I am so proud of this community for stepping up and starting drop-in events. Big kudos to everyone at Adult Supervision Required, and to our very own Natasha for starting these events up and making them happen.