Premier league makes a comeback!

Premier league is coming back this fall! It will look a bit different from last time, but will offer that same top level of competition you have come to expect. This will not affect regular league play

  1. It will be run on a 30’x60′ court in a 49’x80′ gymnasium, meaning there are boundaries on all sides with ~10′ of extra space around all sides
  2. There will be no gender minimums. This will allow men’s and women’s provincial teams to practice together in real game situations
  3. There will likely be nets behind each team’s rear out line
  4. Teams will be required to bring their own ball shagger(s) each game, the league will not provide these and they are necessary to keep the balls in play so be prepared!
  5. This is not for the faint of heart! There will be teams here who compete at the national level, and this is our way of catering to the competitive community
  6. It will run Wednesday nights 7:00-10:00pm, meaning there is only room for 6 teams
  7. Cost will be $595 during early bird, $645 after the early bird deadline is passed
  8. There will be 2 referees, but we still expect you to be honest. The extra ref is because people will now also be called for stepping out of bounds on the back lines and the extra set of eyes will help keep track of this
  9. Due to setup and teardown of nets, games will have 20 minute halves (the WDBF standard) instead of 25 minutes (the DW standard)