Survey results are in!

The survey on the future of stat keepers received 100 responses, which broke down as follows:

We are going to implement the option the community chose (each team is required to provide a stat keeper for the hour opposite the one they play), and blend it with the second option of a raffle each week.

The cost of draft will be increased by $0.95 which gives us just over $120 to buy merch/shwag for the people who do keep stats each week. In addition, at the end of the season all stat keepers who kept stats at least 5 times will be entered into a draw for half price draft the next season (OR a $30 DW gift code if they are not playing draft), and the stat keeper who keeps stats the most times (5 times minimum) will win a red DW hoodie (we will permit ties, so if multiple people tie for most stats kept, they will all win hoodies).

Captains will be contacted each week to find out who they have wrangled for stats, and any team that does not organize a stat keeper for the slot they’re responsible for will receive scores of 0 for their stats that week. We will put together a calendar so that teams can organize their stat keeping responsibilities as far in advance as they wish.

Thanks again to everyone for your input! We will be opening up draft registration soon. 64 slots will be reserved for the returning players from this summer, and 64 more slots will be opened to the public right away. On August 31st any reserved slots that are unused will be opened the public as well.