Submitting rosters

Please be aware that this season we will be clamping down on teams that submit rosters with fake names. This creates a massive headache for us, as each player is entered into our system and has a profile. If they are entered with their real name on one team, and their facebook name on another, this means we have now created two separate profiles, and reconciling the two after we find out is a massive headache and more work than is reasonable.

When the league only had 64 players, it was easy to spot who was who and fix it. We expect to have in excess of 700 players in the fall, and it is just not feasible to look over each and every one and figure out who has been submitted with multiple different names.

We are all adults here, take the thirty seconds to ask each player what their full name is. You may be surprised to find out that a lot of people use their middle name instead of their last name, or a fake first name since they don’t want work contacts or a crazy ex to find them.

TLDR: Find out your teammates’ actual names before submitting your roster


Thank you!