Come play with us this weekend!

This weekend on Sunday February 18th we are running a draft tournament from 1pm-7pm at East Elmwood CC (490 Keenleyside).

What’s a draft tournament? All that means is you register as an individual for $25, show up, and play a quick 1v1 sudden death tournament. Captains are determined by the winners of that portion (participation in this part is mandatory), then everyone lines up and captains pick their players. Once teams are determined we draw up a round robin bracket and teams play round robin for seed then a playoff bracket is determined, and those teams play for medals!

These tournaments are always a huge hit because everyone has a fair chance to win, and it’s a great way to mingle with other dodgeballers and get to meet new people!

Registration is easy, simply buy a pass from our webstore or send an e-transfer of $25 to – no form required, we just need to know your name and put in the notes that it’s for this tournament.

Show up Sunday before 1:00pm, as that is when the tournament starts. We will have referees and staff on site ready to start at 1:00pm so please do not be late. See you Sunday!