Playoff schedules are starting to come out

Playoff schedules are rolling out, which means you need to check your email! If you are not a team captain, please bug your captain to check their email.

All teams play 2 playoff games regardless of results.

With playoffs coming up, we wanted to remind everyone that any game listed as Semi-finals or Championship has restrictions on who can play. For semi-finals or championship matches, no spares are permitted and all players must have attended 3 season games while on the roster (sparing does not count if they are not on the roster) to participate.

If your game does not say Semi-Finals or Championship in the title, these rules do not apply.

To view your team’s attendance, simply click on the game and an attendance list for each team is linked in the description. If you believe that your team’s attendance is listed incorrectly, please have your captain contact us. They have been sent a deadline to challenge attendance by, and this deadline will not be extended due to logistical reasons.

Currently Tuesday and Wednesday schedules have been released, and the Thursday schedules will be coming out this weekend. Expect Sunday schedules to be released early next week, and Monday playoff schedules will be done Tuesday or Wednesday next week.