What captains need to know

With Spring season coming up, you may be wondering what a captain’s duties are. They’re not complicated, but as leader of your team you have a few responsibilities:

Before the game:

  1. Arrange for enough players to attend your game
  2. If you’re short players, it is your duty to recruit spares and get them cleared with the opposing captain
  3. If your opponent is requesting spares, it is your duty to respond in a timely fashion (check your email and phone regularly on game day!)
  4. Approach the referee and help them record your attendance

During the game:

  1. Keep your team in line
  2. Represent your team respectfully to the referee when you have concerns
  3. Keep your team from directly addressing the referee when they have concerns – they should come to you, and in turn you will speak to the ref at the next stoppage of play

After the game:

  1. Sign the sheet acknowledging that the attendance and score was recorded properly (this is a new protocol we will be starting in Spring)
  2. Lead your team in a “three cheers for the other team” then go shake hands/high five your opponents
  3. If your team has concerns you did not feel the referee addressed adequately, it is the captain’s duty to contact the league on behalf of your team – only captains should be doing this, so we can have a single point of contact. Multiple reports on the same issue from the same team are not helpful.
  4. Check your email often! There are times when we need to contact teams for logistical and other reasons