Small rules updates for the Winter 2019 season

One of our organizational goals is to align Dodgeball Winnipeg with the rest of the leagues worldwide that play WDBF format. We want to make sure our league is consistent in style with other leagues so Dodgeball as a sport is played the same no matter where you are.

For this reason, we are enacting the following changes for the Winter 2019 season:

  1. A ball will not be considered out of bounds until you can visibly see the floor between the ball and the sideline. This means ball retrievers can no longer grab a ball that is touching the line.
  2. Sudden death loss will be renamed Overtime Loss, and teams will only receive this point if they play a tie-breaker that goes beyond regulation time. For regular league play this means playing a sudden-death tie-breaker. For competitive divisions this means teams will only receive a point if they go into the 4 minute overtime round AFTER they play sudden death at the end of the second half.
  3. We have changed the priorities in our standings so that number of wins will be more important than rounds won when tie breaking.
    As it currently stands, the priorities are as follows: Points, Goal Differential, Goals For (in that order)
    Starting in winter it will be: Points, Goal Differential, Number of Wins, Goals For (in that order)
  4. Goal differential will be renamed score differential