Winter 2020 Winners!

A couple months ago we reached out to teams that were still waiting to settle their Winter 2020 divisions. The options were to settle with a 1v1 matchup, or to settle by seed. It had to be unanimous.

The following divisions will be settled by seed. The remaining divisions we have obtained gym space to settle and will receive an email later today with the dates and times we have available.


Congratulations to the following teams:

Send it: Winners Sunday Gold

The Neil Dhillons: Winners Sunday Silver

Batmen and Robyn: Winners Thursday Recreational

Happy Endings: Winners Thursday Gold


Sunday Platinum, Sunday Bronze, Thursday Platinum, we will be reaching out later today as these divisions will be settled 1v1.

In addition, for Draft League The Chris Glass Memorial Cup will be taking place August 30th 4-7pm. Barring technical difficulties, we expect to broadcast it live.

Thank you everyone, this pandemic has been a wild ride!