Winter 2020 is concluded!

First of all, we want to say a major thank you to all the teams that chose to participate in playing out the Winter 2020 season 1v1. 1v1 is not an ideal format due to its propensity for upsets, and the highest seeded teams could have easily just elected to decide it by seed and taken the victory. We will give credit where credit is due, and we want to thank the first place teams for choosing to play it out and risking the championship they could have simply chosen to take by default.

And on to the winners:

Thursday Platinum: Velocity

Sunday Platinum: Blindside

Sunday Bronze: Balls 2 The Wall

Congratulations on your victories everyone! Thank you to the players who came out and faced off 1v1, and thank you to the people who assisted with ball retrieval. It was a fun time and ran very amicably, reminding everyone why we love this sport so much.

Registration for the fall is still open, hopefully we see you all back on the court in September!