Schedules and Late Registration


As we begin working on schedules, please keep in mind that what appears on the website will change as we adjust games around the requirements of the venues, referees, etc.

Once it is less than 72 hours prior to your game, you can assume the schedule is correct. Captains will be notified via email if for some reason a schedule needs to change less than 72 hours before a game, but will not be notified if it is more than 72 hours before the event.

While we always strive to get schedules for the entire season out as soon as possible, due to the tumultuous nature of the world we live in at the moment schedules may be changed after being released if an event comes up that necessitates us to move games around.

Thank you for your continued understanding, the Dodgeball community is one of the best communities anyone could ask for, and I personally appreciate how great you have all been to work for. Thank you, and we look forward to getting back on the court and having fun again!

Late Registration

If you missed registration but still want to play Dodgeball, we have space for 1 recreational team Wednesdays and 1 recreational team Thursdays. If you contact us at we can accommodate you so long as you register before we have to finalize the schedules for those divisions.
The first Thursday is Sep 23rd and the first Wednesday is Sep 29th so please keep in mind the schedules will be finalized at least 72 hours before the season starts for each division.
Cost is $575, no experience necessary!