Dodgeball Dissertation Survey

We encourage all of our participants to take a few minutes out of their day to answer this survey for a sport dissertation surrounding dodgeball led by our local participant Jason Mergler.

“Examining Fringe Team Sport: An Exploration of Dodgeball” by Jason Mergler

This dissertation study will gather information about the sport, competition, and training histories of dodgeball players and compare them to indoor volleyball players to understand more about both groups’ developmental pathways. The hope is that this research will clarify when athletes first get involved in their respective sports, the average number of years spent training and participating, and what kind of developmental trajectories they follow. Ultimately, results from this research project will be pivotal to informing a model of Canadian dodgeball athlete development.

In short, I am looking for adult (aged 18+) Canadian athletes at any level that were previously or are currently involved in dodgeball and/or indoor volleyball with proficiency in English to fill out a 10-to-15-minute online survey through SurveyMonkey. Participants can expect to answer questions relating to their demographic information, sporting fees, and retrospective participation, practice, and competition histories, but are under no obligation to participate in this project. If they do choose to participate, they may withdraw at any time without penalty by simply exiting the survey, closing the browser tab, or emailing me at Also be assured that their name and any other identifiable data will be protected and not published with the findings.

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