Gloves are not permitted.

Players wearing shoes must wear clean, non-marking indoor-only shoes. Bare feet are permitted but not recommended.

Any equipment/clothing deliberately manipulated by the player to assist in the action of making a catch will render the catch invalid and the player will be out.

Players who wish to chalk their hands are encouraged to use liquid chalk, but may use powdered if they prefer. Any mess made by the chalk must be cleaned up immediately, even if the player is required to miss a round of play to do so.

League rules:

You must wear shoes that are worn indoors only (no footwear that is worn outside) and with non-marking soles. Outdoor footwear is to be left outside the gym, and is not to be brought inside the gymnasium.

Any live player interacting with a cell phone or other electronic device will be knocked out as if they had stepped out of bounds on the first offense, and will receive a yellow card as well as being knocked out for all subsequent offenses that match.

Any team caught fielding a player under 18 years old will forfeit the game in which the person attended. A team caught fielding a minor a second time will be ejected from the league. This rule may seem harsh but our insurance only covers adults so we cannot tolerate youths playing in the league. Look to Winnipeg Minor Dodgeball if you are underage and wish to play.

Dogs cannot play Dodgeball.

Bring a positive attitude! You will win some games, and lose some. When you start out, you may lose a lot of games. The most important thing is that you enjoy your wins respectfully and learn from your losses. Disrespect of others will not be tolerated. The prize at the end of the season is a medal for each teammate who attended 3+ games, so please keep things in perspective. You are here to have fun and improve yourself, and nobody improves by being disrespectful to others.

Courts with walls vs. Courts with no Walls

Some gyms have courts with walls directly on the rear boundary, and some do not. For more details on how this changes the game please visit our divisions and styles section,


Coed draft: Stats will be kept on individual players. Hits, catches, game points, yellow/red cards and total score.

Recreational Team Leagues: Stats will not be kept on individual players.

Competitive Team Leagues: Stats will not be kept on individual players.

Covid Response

To combat the spread of illness:

  1. After each game all balls are to be sanitized or replaced with clean equipment and placed in a receptacle separate from clean/sanitized balls. Used equipment that has not been sanitized will be placed in cold storage for a period of no less than 2 weeks.
  2. Following each game, one referee will sanitize/replace the equipment. If there is a second referee on-site they will usher players out of the facility and ensure everyone has exited before the next group of players is allowed in. The players entering the facility will be directed to thoroughly wash/sanitize their hands prior to commencing warmup/play.
  3. Attendance will continue to be taken as normal, however attendance records will be made available for contact tracing should an outbreak occur
  4. Any player who has travelled or had close contact to a known or suspected case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days, is ill, has covid-related symptoms, or is self-isolating, will not be permitted to play. That person may be replaced by a spare (which will not count towards the 2-spares maximum). The replacement still must be approved by the opposing team. Furthermore, the player will be counted as having attended the game so long as they notify the league via e-mail within 14 days to advise they missed due to any of the reasons mentioned in this rule.
  5. Spectators will not be permitted. Ball retrievers will not be counted as spectators but must actively participate in the ball retrieval process for the duration of the game in order to not be counted as spectators. Children 12 and older may participate in ball retrieval. Children that cannot be left unsupervised will not be permitted.
  6. Should an outbreak occur and be traced to a dodgeball game, all present players and officials will be required to sit out the following 2 weeks of games on all nights, or provide proof of official testing showing a negative result before they can return. These players can be replaced with spares as per rule #4 on other nights. The teams involved will have their following 2 games rescheduled if the schedule allows for it. Extra dates will be booked if possible.
  7. Following any headshots play will be stopped, and the ball will be removed from play and sanitized. If possible, the player hit in the head will handle the affected ball and bring it to a place where it can be sanitized and sanitize it if willing, or place it in the receptacle for used equipment and a new ball will be rotated in to replace it.