15 Kayla Kostuik

League Player, Draft Player
Shirt size
Women's Medium
Current Team
Victorious Secrets, Canniballs, Game of Throws, The Slaughtermelons
Past Teams
Dragon Ballz, I got nothin’, Moisemakers MKII, Stop drop n’ swole, White Out (draft)
Draft League, Thursday Rec, Wednesday Silver, Wednesday Bronze, Wednesday, Tuesday Gold, Tuesday Silver, Thursday Silver, Thursday Gold, Thursday Bronze, Draft Playoffs, Sunday Silver, Sunday Recreational, Sunday Gold, Sunday Bronze, Sunday, Monday Bronze, Monday, Thursday Womens
2015, 2016, Winter 2019, Winter 2018, Winter 2017, Winter 2016, Summer 2019, Summer 2018, Summer 2017, Summer 2016, Spring Draft 2019, Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Spring 2017, Spring 2016, Fall 2021, Fall 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2015, 2017, Winter Draft 2019, Winter 2020

Kayla Kostiuk