Survey results and changes for the future

1) Overwhelmingly players responded that they wanted rules aligned across the board. For this reason we have cleaned up our rules page for the Spring 2019 season to remove as many house rules as possible and will be using the WDBF rulebook in as pure a form as possible. With a lower number of rules overall, and no conflicting WDBF/House rules, the game should be easier to pick up for new players, and will be more consistent with other dodgeball leagues across the world. When updated versions of the rulebook are released in the future, we will adopt the updates in the season following the update (we will not change rules mid-season).

Specifically this means that there will no longer be 1v1 Sudden Death, catches will revive players in sudden death, there will always be a sudden death round played at the end of each half after regulation time ends, games that end in a tie will have the 4 minute tie-breaker round which can then subsequently go into sudden death once the 4 minute timer runs out, and activation lines will be laid for every game with activation of the ball happening by the ball travelling over the line, not the player’s feet being behind the line. In the past, we limited games to a hard 50 minutes, and would even stop games mid-round once regulation time ended. Most games would not have a sudden death round at half-time, (and sometimes not even at the end) which is a very fun part of the game that should not be skipped due to arbitrary time constraints. Teams will also get their 30 second time out each half, which can potentially add up to 2 minutes to a game if both teams use both their time outs. By using the rulebook the way it is written games typically go between 48 and 52 minutes since the sudden death rounds aren’t on the timer and go longer due to catches reviving players. Games that end in a tie and go into the tie-breaker round and subsequent sudden death have even gone over a full 60 minutes. We acknowledge that there is the possibility for shorter game time if the sudden death rounds go quickly, but in 3 seasons of experience with pure-WDBF rules we have found that most games are close to/exceed the 50 minutes you are used to.

2) We will begin work on a 3v3 format as respondents overwhelmingly favoured this format. We may also entertain a 1v1 ladder if we have extra space. There was very little interest in 2v2 so we will not be looking into 2v2 formats at this time.

3) We received a lot of feedback about high-level players playing in bronze. Currently we try to address these on an individual basis, approaching players who are in divisions inappropriate for their skill level and discouraging them from being there, but we will do more research in how to codify this into an objective rule since it was a common piece of feedback received across all nights.

To address the concerns of teams playing below the appropriate level, any team that wins at least 6 games in regular season play will be required to move up a division in the next season they play, if a higher division is available.

Silver was a mix of aspiring competitive teams and teams that were recreational but not appropriate to play at the lowest level. To address this we will be splitting competitive divisions into Gold and Platinum. The former Mixed Intermediate and competitive Silver teams will now be playing in “Gold” and the top level teams that formerly played in Mixed Competitive and Gold will be playing in “Platinum”.

To further create fairer divisions, what was formerly known as Bronze will be split up into Bronze and Silver. Bronze will be for beginners, and Silver will be for recreational teams with some athletic background or experience in dodgeball.

4) As dodgeball is still a growing sport, divisions may still be combined when necessary, but we will emphasize having fair divisions over having larger divisions. The best way to get better divisions is to have more people playing, so we are going to start a heavy focus on getting more people into the sport. We hope that you will help us in this venture by encouraging your friends to join up!