Month: September 2017

New balls, new records

With the advent of the WDBF ball, we will be erasing the old records and making new ones.

Come out to East Elmwood 7:00-9:00 this Thursday where we will be dedicating half the gym to measuring throw records. There will be separate categories for male and female, overhand, underhand, sidearm, backhand, and offhand. During the second hour, the other half of the gym will be open for games.

$10/person to participate.

Between-seasons events

September 22nd is our Spring Windup. Come collect your medals/beer, or just hang around with your dodgeballers and sing karaoke. Don’t have to win to attend, no cover charge, let’s just have fun!

September 24th a 1v1 Tournament will take place 4:00-6:00pm Sunday Sep 24th in the time frame we had originally booked for the draft championship. Cost is $15/player ($20 at the door), and will be limited to 24 players.

September 30th a 6v6 tournament in support of Winnipeg players on Team Canada (not run by us, please do not message Dodgeball Winnipeg about this event) – come out and support the people representing us at Nationals!

October 7th a Draft-style tournament is happening at East Elmwood CC. Cost is $20/person if you sign up by September 30th.


These have been added to our Important Dates page.

Wrapping up draft tonight

We will be closing draft registration tonight and then reaching out to potential captains tomorrow. We have ~4 spots left so if you were planning to play this is your final chance.

Draft Finals (2017 Summer)


Draft finals have moved!

Teams: Captains of Sphere and Loathing & Winnipeg Wreck League
When: September 17th @ 3:55pm  
Where: Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre


Captains of Sphere and Loathing & Winnipeg Wreck League, as well as their respective players, have come to an agreement to move this season’s Draft championship (originally scheduled for Sept 24 @ 4:30pm) ahead by one week.

The new time for this exciting match-up will take place September 17th @ 3:55pm at the Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre on the west (far) court.

Spectators are encouraged to come and enjoy this thrilling championship game, and our staff will do everything we can to accommodate as many people as we can. However, please be advised, since this is a last minute rescheduling, there WILL be a game on the other court, making viewing space very limited.

  1. We advise that if you wish to take this in, you should:Come early. The game will be starting on time with or without you on the sidelines, and it’s very inconvenient to the other court to have people coming and going during the game.
  2. Be wary of balls coming from both directions. People who play regularly understand that balls cross between courts and fly into the sidelines regularly. Other spectators may not know this, and it’s important that they are aware of the rules being on the sidelines.
  3. Respect the referees and the calls they make. Understand that the refs have authority not only over the players, but the whole building (and may eject any person as they see fit). The gym will very likely be loud and hot, and if the game gets heated it’s important that the refs are able to communicate with the players and each other.

Thanks everybody, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Early bird is over!

Regular price is now in effect for the duration of registration. $545/team for teams that have not submitted payment yet, and $70.95 per draft player that has not submitted payment yet.

We are currently auditing draft and any player who did not submit payment by the end of early bird will have their form deleted and be required to submit a new form. Since all draft spots did not sell out, once we complete the audit we will round to the next 16 and that will be the number of spots available for draft, if they do not sell within a week it will be rounded down (as per the way it is described on the registration page) and that will be the number of participants we have this season.

Email issue, all divisions are *not* full

Hello all, for some reason some people are getting a follow up saying all divisions are full. We are working to rectify this issue, and want you to know that there is still a lot of space left for the fall season.


The issue has been identified. When paying via credit card, there was an old purchase note linking to the submit-team page that we used to use when the system was payment first, form second. That page was still showing old data, so we have cleaned up the back end a bit and everything should be fine now.

Changes to this Thursday

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, we will only have Sturgeon 8:30-10:30 on Thursday. EECC just stepped up and gave us 7:00-9:00 so the 6:30-8:30 games have been moved to Elmwood 7:00-9:00 and the SHCC games have been adjusted in time so that the order is:

7:00 EECC Gold

8:00 EECC Silver

8:30 SHCC Silver

9:30 SHCC Gold

This way nobody has to miss a game even if they play at separate gyms there is 30 minutes of spare time built in. Thanks again for understanding, see you all on Thursday!


Early bird is ending!

Fall early bird ends September 5th at 11:59pm, any unpaid registration fees at that time will go up to $70.95 (draft) and $545 (teams). If you have submitted a form and have not paid by the end of early bird, you will be required to pay full price.

Don’t miss out on the savings, pay your fees ASAP!