RankPlayerTeamPositionHitsCatchesGame PointsPresentTotal ScoreYellow CardsRed Cards
1Denham DubucCrushin DixLeague Player, Draft Player210251079313.500
2Phil ChanFrappuchino DiariesLeague Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain17425858266.500
3Gareth WilliamsDivide By Spoon Plus CerealLeague Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain20010797259.500
4Daniel StefuraBall MunchersLeague Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain13538719246.500
5Adam KnibbsShaneanigansLeague Player, Draft Player15917819233.500
6Nathanael GatzaDragon Ballz S7League Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain1648798221.500
7Sean OkoMajor League DodgeballLeague Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain1551366821400
8Matt AbraCan’t Dodge ThisDraft Player10034759205.500
9Tayler YuelDivide By Spoon Plus CerealLeague Player, Draft Player108201079201.510
10Julie BlaichDivide By Spoon Plus CerealLeague Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain1161690919300
11Daniel BanasMoneyshotDraft Player1111784918700
12Shane WillimShaneanigansLeague Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain12112719180.500
13Bram Laureano#nomoreBramaLeague Player, Draft Player1178819173.500
14Eldon WuBall MunchersLeague Player, Draft Player1061284917200
15Stacy HuenC U Next TuesdayLeague Player, Draft Player109890917000
16Michael BaileyAverage HoesLeague Player, Draft Player, Draft Captain901866815900
17Kevin HarderDivide By Spoon Plus CerealLeague Player, Draft Player643358715900
18Allan QuintoCobra KaiLeague Player, Draft Player8991018157.500
19Riel WillmottFull ThrottleLeague Player, Draft Player1036678152.500
20Justin FongBalls of JusticeLeague Player, Draft Player901084915200
21Chris MoisesDivide By Spoon Plus CerealLeague Player, Draft Player1065698150.500
22Robbie TorresPop, Lock and Dodge ItDraft Player, Draft Captain841084914600
23Kris Trinidad#nomoreBramaLeague Player, Draft Player7815759145.500
24Rex GonzalesDaddy’s GirlsLeague Player, Draft Player938719144.500
25Ben BenDragon Ballz S7League Player, Draft Player701390914100
26Jordan AnseeuwPop, Lock and Dodge ItLeague Player, Draft Player94566813700
27Jordan LilleyBlue BallsLeague Player, Draft Player662062813600
28Rex MasesarBlatant NepotismLeague Player, Draft Player571790913600
29Sean AyreShe Doesn’t Even Go HereDraft Player87566813000
30Jamie-Leigh Collins#nomoreBramaLeague Player, Draft Player81764712700
31Aleaf AnMake Dodgeball Great Again (Draft)Draft Player611564712300
32Steven GironI can barely see your BALLSLeague Player, Draft Player5612857122.500
33Bryce MowatCan’t Dodge ThisDraft Player, Draft Captain748636121.500
34Lindsay TorresNatural DisastersLeague Player, Draft Player5281079121.500
35Evan HawkinsDragon Ballz S7Draft Player5014778116.500
36Mitch JanzenDon’t Stop Ball-ievin’League Player, Draft Player581166811300
37Patrick MomotiukBlatant NepotismLeague Player, Draft Player4571079112.500
38Don MckenzieRandy’s Divorce Party: A New HopeLeague Player, Draft Player59666710400
39Scott BrandtDragon Ballz S7League Player, Draft Player4612658102.500
40Chris MadayagThrowbocopDraft Player5096689900
41Kahleigh KrochakHomosexuballsLeague Player, Draft Player47471990.500
42Karyn RobertsonFlip It!League Player, Draft Player48949790.500
43Elise CrockerFrappuchino DiariesLeague Player, Draft Player4095868700
44Alexander RiopelStop drop n’ swoleDraft Player47271786.500
45Phoebe GreywoodBalls of JusticeLeague Player, Draft Player4546488500
46Sarah BlellochCan’t Dodge ThisLeague Player, Draft Player4484448200
47Meghan AleckMake Dodgeball Great Again (Draft)League Player, Draft Player4255678000
48Matt TipperMoneyshotDraft Player33143657900
49Jonathan SambajonE=MC HammerLeague Player, Draft Player21279674.500
50Arman JassalStop drop n’ swoleDraft Player251151672.500
51John KrestanowichBall MunchersDraft Player45147770.500
52Holly HuiMoneyshotLeague Player, Draft Player3117286900
53Marc LagaceAYBOnline Boom HeadshotLeague Player, Draft Player1577676800
54Trevor AnsBlatant NepotismLeague Player, Draft Player32455667.500
55Paymaan TehraniStop drop n’ swoleDraft Player111647566.500
56Jirah DueckEarth, Fire, Wind, WaterLeague Player, Draft Player2964846300
57Bethany FontaineGOAT-CLeague Player, Draft Player32157662.500
58Brian GordonBall-erinasLeague Player, Draft Player31149657.500
59Kendall StelmackAYBOnline Boom HeadshotLeague Player, Draft Player3171940.500
60Kayla KostuikAYBOnline Boom HeadshotLeague Player, Draft Player814863400
61Guylaine San FilippoAeon FluxLeague Player, Draft Player0000000
62Tristan LambertDream Achieve BelieveDraft Player0000000