Women’s league – what it is and how it will work

If you are new to the dodgeball scene, you may have noticed that Winnipeg has a lot of committed women in our community. There are four all-female teams I know of in Winnipeg, and they are all pretty good but it seems to me that it’s unfair that we have a demand from women for an all-female league and they can’t get one.

That all changes now. In consultation with some of the most prominent female players, we at Dodgeball Winnipeg have come up with a format for women to play together and work together to build up their skills. The general consensus is the format will be just like our co-ed draft league:

Women sign up as individuals, teams are made based on stats to keep things even, and at the end of every season teams are dissolved and remade based on a snake-style for stats.

How would that look? Here’s an example, let’s say we have 24 women, and they are ranked from “1” (highest stats) to “24” (lowest stats) the teams would be as follows:

Team A: 1/8/9/16/17/24

Team B: 2/7/10/15/18/23

Team C: 3/6/11/14/19/22

Team D: 4/5/12/13/20/21


This keeps the playing field even, and allows for better competition as the women playing will be constantly playing with and against new people each season, learning from one another and growing their skills together.

The women’s league will be starting in January and I hope to see everyone there!