The Dodgeball Lowdown 10/10/2015

I’m a dodgeball enthusiast and am starting to see that I’m actually quite obsessed about it. I want to

share information with YOU “the Winnipeg dodgeball community” on what’s the haps around the worldwide dodgeball community.dbarticlepic

Recently Canada’s own Savannah Burton has been making waves, in print and online media, because of her

recent transition. Burton has been playing dodgeball since 2007 and has played on the Men’s &

Womens Canadian Dodgeball teams. Burton is a huge inspiration to our community and continues to

inspire the LGBT community at large.

Burton was recently in Shape magazine talking about how transitioning affects an athlete’s performance.

With that, I want to mention that all the dodgeball leagues in the city are for everybody, all games are

your games. I encourage everyone to play a game in any sport. You’ll be surprised by how many people

are willing to stand by you and encourage you.


See you on the court!