A few FAQs from this season:

Q: Is the schedule out?

A: The schedule for any given night is not considered complete until we have emailed the captains of that night with the contact list.

Q: I can see games appearing as you enter them, why don’t you just release the schedules all at once?

A: We do not have a dedicated web development department and therefore do not have a sandbox server in which to make things before they are published.

Q: My team was bumped up a division, why was this?

A: When a division has 5 or 9 teams we cannot make it work with the length of our season. To keep things fair, we bump the highest ranked team from last season up a level, or the lowest ranked one down a level, depending on if there is an uneven number of teams. Example: A division with 9 teams will have the one that was most successful bumped up one level.

Q: Can you move us back down?

A: We are sorry, we cannot. We only move teams around when we have to. We held registration open an extra week to try to get extra teams in divisions where we would have to bump teams, and managed to get a few extra ones so we ended up bumping teams in just 2 divisions out of the entire league. We do our best to provide you with the level of play that is appropriate for your team. This also means that once rosters are submitted, we do move teams up to the level they belong at if we believe they are intentionally registering below their skill level. We care about your experience, and do our best to make every division as far as possible given the restraints we are working with.

We understand it can be frustrated to be bumped up, but if it ends up being a miscalculation on our part, be assured that you won’t get bumped up again the next season. Sometimes divisions are combined when there aren’t enough at one level (like this summer when we had only 2 teams register for Sunday silver) but we do our absolute best to keep things as even as we can.

Q: We play the same team two weeks in a row, is this a mistake?

A: It is not a mistake. When divisions have any number of teams other than 8, you will end up playing some teams twice. Sometimes those weeks will be consecutive. Everything is entered into a round robin generator and to avoid making mistakes we enter them into our system in the order they are generated. Sometimes that means you play twice in a row.