All the schedules are done!

Thursday schedules are finally out! Thursdays provided the biggest challenge for us as it is our second biggest night, and we have done our best to make the schedule as fair as possible to everyone. Unless there is a legitimate error (3 teams listed for the same time, or the wrong gym posted on a game) we will not be changing the schedule any further. Silver teams, please check the schedule for your double header (each team has one).

For Thursday nights, games starting at 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30 are at East Elmwood and games starting at 8:00 or 9:00 are at Sinclair Park. If you notice a game erroneously listed as the wrong gym, or if a team’s double header is listed at 2 separate gyms, please notify us. We have gone over the schedule to make sure this is not the case but it is possible we missed something. Please do not email us if your team plays the same team twice or for any reason other than the ones listed in this post. This was a very tricky schedule to make and believe us when we say we have done our best to please everyone as best as possible.

There have been changes since yesterday. The schedule was not complete/published at that time so if you wrote any games down make sure you double check as many have been moved around since then.