Covid-19 and Winter 2020

We are getting questions about Covid-19 (aka Corona virus) and how it will affect Dodgeball Winnipeg.

As of right now, Manitoba remains relatively unaffected. While the government is advising to avoid travel and to wash hands, we are not hit with an outbreak the same way other places have been. For this reason, we plan to finish off the 3 nights left in Winter season with extra hygiene measures in place, and then we hope that this pandemic runs its course during the ~1 month we have between this season and next season.

Should there be an outbreak in Manitoba, we will follow the government’s recommendations immediately.

If Manitoba is affected in April/May/June, we will make sure to follow all government recommendations as soon as they are released. If there is any impact to games, they will be rescheduled or we will refund for any proportion of games lost (example: if one game is cancelled, we would refund teams 1/9 of their fees).

The best thing we can all do right now is to stay home if sick, wash up regularly, and pay attention to what our local health organizations are telling us.

Update 5:45 pm March 13: The Manitoba government has recommended gatherings of 250+ people be cancelled. A typical dodgeball game has 12-20 people in attendance.

Update 6:00 pm March 13: We will not be permitting outside spectators at the remaining games. With the broadcast on twitch happening, people should have ample opportunities to watch their loved ones play. People who are at the gym because they are between games, for example, are still fine.