Fall 2020 Refunds

With the lockdown extended, it was obvious we were not going to finish Fall 2020 before Christmas as we had hoped. There was some very exciting news since then about a vaccine rolling out, but it appears that it will be targeted at groups who are most at risk between December and March, with an expected 8% of Manitobans to be vaccinated by the end of March, and anyone who wants it to receive it by the end of the year, according to the federal Government.

While this is fantastic news for everyone and ensures our sport will continue some time in the next year or so, it does mean that we are unlikely to be back on the court together in the next few months. Keeping a season on ice for 4+ months does not make sense as people’s lives/priorities/health/fitness level change especially during a lockdown. For this reason we have decided to cancel what is left of the Fall 2020 season.

Unfortunately, financially, this poses some issues for our organization. Sanitation was significantly more expensive than projected and as a business we do still have overhead costs each year (legal, accounting, hosting, equipment, etc), we also have some venues that collect in advance, and they refunded us in the form of a credit towards future bookings. This means we were fortunate enough to cover our fixed and marginal costs with the money we collected in Fall 2020, but not by a high enough margin to provide every team with a full cash refund as we had hoped. I also have not taken any pay for my efforts this season as I was preparing for a situation where we provide refunds to all the teams.

For these reasons, we will present every team with the following options:

A) A 100% store credit for the value of every game missed ($66.11/game for competitive, $63.89/game for rec)

B) A cash refund – we refund teams in the form of the original payment received. Should we not have enough money to provide full cash refunds to all teams requesting, we will add up the number of games owed to all teams who request a cash refund, then we will divide the amount of money we have left in the bank by the number of games owed, and pay out that amount to the teams requesting cash refunds.

We ask that all teams who can afford to do so choose a 100% store credit (option A), so that way we can provide as high a refund as possible to all the teams who cannot afford to take the refund as a credit.

*Any team that does not fill out this form by December 28th will be issued a 100% refund in the form of a store credit.

*Refunds will be calculated by taking 9 games (the amount guaranteed by your registration fee) less the number of games the team has already played.

*This is for team league only. Draft players will be contacted separately by the end of the week with a separate resolution.

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Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding. It is thanks to everyone who participated in this season that we are in a position to continue operating in 2021. I could not have asked for a better community.

-Stacy Huen, Managing Director of Dodgeball Winnipeg