Month: April 2017


Hello everyone,

We have needed to be more strict on collecting waivers than we have in seasons past. We ask that you please print it out and bring it to your referee (once we have one on file, you’re good – unfortunately we have had to recollect this season). You can find the waiver by clicking here.

If you do not have a printer, our refs have waivers handy. We ask that you come at least 15 minutes early if you have not handed in a waiver this season and have not pre-printed yours.

We will be transitioning to an online waiver but that won’t happen until ~September.

Thank you!

Make sure to check your locations

Just a reminder to make sure you check your game locations. We had to move one of draft and some league games to different gyms.

The draft division that was scheduled for river Osborne will be at EECC for the duration of this season (except April 30 since EECC was booked at that time)

Thank you, see you on the court!

Lots of space in tonight’s drop-in!

For the first time since we started them back up, we have not sold out our Thursday night drop-in in advance!

There is a ton of space, so come on down to Sturgeon Heights Community Center at 8:00pm tonight with $10 cash.  Bring your friends, have some fun! No experience necessary.

*Please show up 15 minutes early to fill out a waiver.

Don’t hurt yourself – use recovery spot

As an athlete you may be putting long hours in the gym, preparing for your next competition, recovering from an injury, or looking for ways to compliment your health, fitness, and performance.

Recovery Spot provides dynamic “compression therapy” to support performance recovery for athletes at all levels and “hot & cold therapy” for injury treatment.

If you play in Dodgeball Winnipeg, you will receive the following just for playing in our league:

For Compression and Cryotherapy recovery systems:

  • Recovery Compression Therapy sessions free of charge from April 1-June 30
  • Twice a week, 30 minute sessions


Floors at ROCC

We heard concerns about the floors at River Osborne being wet so we went there to check it out and yes it was bad, and almost certainly from condensation.

We have booked this gym before for 2-3 hours at a time and it’s been fine – it was even fine today during draft – but it looks like 6.5 hours coupled with the humidity of today was more than the ventilation system could handle.

For the immediate future we will be moving draft to EECC to reduce the stress on Osborne. We will make sure they have the large roof fans on (they were not on today) and check out the 9:30 game once again on April 9 and see what it’s like. If it is once again unacceptable we will do our best to find an alternative venue. We have already reached out to our regular places to see if any of them can accommodate Sunday evenings.

We do ask that you not write off the gym just because it was bad today. Clearly it can’t handle 6.5 hours in humid weather, but it was great for at least 3 hours, possibly 4 based on the timeline we have gathered from people’s responses. We will make sure everything is in place April 9th to deal with humidity/condensation, and if it is still bad we will make sure not to book the gym for more than 3 hours in future.

River Osborne

The front doors to River Osborne are not open, please come around the side or the back.


See you all tonight!