Month: December 2017


As the Christmas/holiday season starts to take hold of our schedules, we will not always be available every day to process payments or answer e-mails right away. This just means after registering a team, you may have to wait 1-2 business days to receive your welcome/roster email. We will be releasing the final number of draft spots on Monday, so make sure if you want to play that you sign up and pay ASAP as we will simply be rounding up to the next 16.

We will also be unavailable December 24th and 25th, and will have limited availability on December 26th however we do plan to have a boxing day sale on merchandise in our store so make sure to check back on boxing day.

Thanks again for an extraordinary Fall season, and we look forward to seeing you all in the winter!

Early bird is over, but we still have lots of room!

Due to our current agreements with Elmwood, Sinclair, Greendell, and Winakwa, we have the ability to take on a LOT more teams than in previous seasons.

We are currently sitting around ~60 teams signed up, and have the following (at least) available:

Mondays: 2 more teams

Tuesdays: 3 more teams, or up to 15 more if we use our other gym.

Wednesdays: 4 more teams, or up to 8 more depending how premier does (if Premier doesn’t use all 8 slots we will commandeer some for the lower level games).

Thursdays: 2 more before we open up our other gym which allows for 8 more spots.

Sundays: We have a lot of Sunday teams already, but could handle up to 27 more teams

The refs at sinclair have been delayed

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the referees have been delayed on their way to sinclair park CC tonight.

Depending on when they get there, they may cut the warm up, half time, and/or cool down time until we are on schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

The most common question in playoffs

Q: If we lose our first playoff match, can we have spares in our final match?

A: Absolutely! Only games that count toward the championship (semi-finals and the championship match) have restrictions on spares. In fact, we encourage people to bring out new players at this time to show them what the sport is all about.

The easiest way to understand it in playoffs is like this “If we win this match, do we have a chance at getting the championship?” If the answer is yes, then you cannot bring spares. If the answer is no, continue as if it’s a regular season game.

If you’re in playoffs, CHECK YOUR EMAIL

If your team is in playoffs and you have not checked your attendance, you should do so ASAP. Captains have all received emails with deadlines to challenge if they believe attendance is not correct. We will not accept challenges after the deadline, so check your email. If you are in playoffs and not a captain, bug your captain to check their email. Late challenges will not be accepted, they may not even be read! The deadlines are in place to give us time to check for errors, cross-reference the hard copies, and update the website. If you send it late, we cannot do those things in time and will not be able to help you.

No response = agreement that everything listed publicly is correct.

We are working on playoff schedules

As you may be aware, nearly half the league plays on Sundays. As we prepare playoff schedules, you may notice the Sunday schedule page change around (as we do our best to organize referees around the times they play). We have started on the schedules today, and will be working on them tomorrow as well. They will be 100% confirmed by Thursday, so feel free to check the page today and tomorrow but do not be surprised if the schedule looks different each time you check back.

New captains – here’s what you need to know

If you are in charge of a team for the first time, you may be curious what your duties are. There are not many, but they are important.

  1. Check your email. Other captains may contact you to get spares approved, and the league will contact you from time to time with important updates such as gym closures, snow days, or other reasons.
  2. Follow the instructions in the welcome emails you receive. You will need to submit a roster, and know the rules surrounding spares. There are not many, but you will forfeit if you break them, regardless of whether you read them or not so read them!
  3. You are your team’s liaison to the ref. If your team has concerns and needs to talk to the referee, it is your duty to do so respectfully. If your team gets carded for the behaviour (the whole team, not a specific player) it is you as the captain who takes the penalty/will be ejected, so make sure your team is respectful, and bring any concerns to the referee yourself in a respectful manner.
  4. In playoffs, check your emailYou will be sent your attendance list and given a deadline to challenge. You cannot challenge after the deadline regardless of the reason. It does not matter how right you are, after the deadline has passed we will consider that your team consenting that the attendance is correct and will not change it after the deadline. We may not even have time to look at the email that day so you need to make sure you looked at your email that week.

Remember: EVERYONE plays two playoff games

Regardless of how your team does, everybody plays two playoff games. Your team paid for 9 games, so you get 7 season and 2 playoffs (8 season if you are in a division with double headers).

Even if you lose in semis, you still get a game the next week!

The playoff schedules are all released at least 72 hours in advance of your game. If your team is in playoffs, you can click on the event and see your attendance, since games towards the championship do not allow spares and require every player to have attended 3 games minimum to participate.

Right now, we are dealing with some backend issues so Premier and Thursdays have not had their attendance added to the events. That will happen in the next couple days, with Premier no later than Sunday and Thursdays no later than Monday.

Your email with roster link may be delayed

Hello captains,

At DW our system works like this: You fill out registration form, then pay. Once we have processed the payment (e-transfers cannot be automated) we then mark in our system that you have paid and you will receive the “welcome email” that has instructions on how to fill out your roster and reserve a time slot if you wish to do so.

Right now we are in the midst of making playoff schedules so we aren’t processing payments immediately. That being said, we will continue to do them in the order they are received so don’t worry if they’re delayed by a day or two, you won’t miss your spot or anything.