New captains – here’s what you need to know

If you are in charge of a team for the first time, you may be curious what your duties are. There are not many, but they are important.

  1. Check your email. Other captains may contact you to get spares approved, and the league will contact you from time to time with important updates such as gym closures, snow days, or other reasons.
  2. Follow the instructions in the welcome emails you receive. You will need to submit a roster, and know the rules surrounding spares. There are not many, but you will forfeit if you break them, regardless of whether you read them or not so read them!
  3. You are your team’s liaison to the ref. If your team has concerns and needs to talk to the referee, it is your duty to do so respectfully. If your team gets carded for the behaviour (the whole team, not a specific player) it is you as the captain who takes the penalty/will be ejected, so make sure your team is respectful, and bring any concerns to the referee yourself in a respectful manner.
  4. In playoffs, check your emailYou will be sent your attendance list and given a deadline to challenge. You cannot challenge after the deadline regardless of the reason. It does not matter how right you are, after the deadline has passed we will consider that your team consenting that the attendance is correct and will not change it after the deadline. We may not even have time to look at the email that day so you need to make sure you looked at your email that week.