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We just unclogged our back end

The back end of our webstore had a lot of items sitting in the processing section that should have been marked complete. The auto function was not working so we have done it manually. You may receive confirmation emails for orders you made in past seasons (including registration fees). Please ignore these emails, sorry!

Please note these were simply confirmation emails. You were not charged again, these emails should have been sent automatically during the season you registered but were not sending the way they were supposed to.

Come play with us this weekend!

This weekend on Sunday February 18th we are running a draft tournament from 1pm-7pm at East Elmwood CC (490 Keenleyside).

What’s a draft tournament? All that means is you register as an individual for $25, show up, and play a quick 1v1 sudden death tournament. Captains are determined by the winners of that portion (participation in this part is mandatory), then everyone lines up and captains pick their players. Once teams are determined we draw up a round robin bracket and teams play round robin for seed then a playoff bracket is determined, and those teams play for medals!

These tournaments are always a huge hit because everyone has a fair chance to win, and it’s a great way to mingle with other dodgeballers and get to meet new people!

Registration is easy, simply buy a pass from our webstore or send an e-transfer of $25 to – no form required, we just need to know your name and put in the notes that it’s for this tournament.

Show up Sunday before 1:00pm, as that is when the tournament starts. We will have referees and staff on site ready to start at 1:00pm so please do not be late. See you Sunday!

Registration is right around the corner

Spring season registration is coming up, and we are not making any major changes except with time slot reservations (see below).

First and foremost: CHECK YOUR EMAIL OFTEN! We communicate with teams/draft players via email, and it is important you check your email as many of those communications are time-sensitive.

Draft will open to current registrants Monday Feb 5th, and they will have 2 weeks to reserve their spots before it opens to the public. Cost will be $66.95 early bird/$71.95 regular price, the same as Fall Season.

Team League will open to the public February 9th (sorry we got this wrong on the important dates section and have corrected it: we always wait until every division has completed 5 games before we open registration). Cost will be $495 early bird/$545 regular price, the same as Fall Season.

Early bird will close March 2nd at 11:59 pm.

Spring season starts April 8th and will run 9 games.

Registration will close March 27th at 11:59pm.

Rosters are due by March 28th at 11:59pm. Any team that has not submitted a roster at that time will lose their free roster change for the season.

Submit your rosters on time! Any team that has still not submitted a roster by April 1st will forfeit their first game. Every 2 days following that they will forfeit another game until their roster is submitted.

Time slot reservation changes:

  1. To reserve a time slot, the cost will be $90 and we will only sell 2 per evening.
  2. We will not accept payment via e-transfer for time slots. They will be made available individually through our webstore, since they sell out quickly and this is the only way to manage available stock (sometimes we will receive multiple transfers at the same time, but our webstore allows us to show them as sold out).
  3. We will not permit a team to buy a timeslot before they have paid for their team. If we find a team has done this and not paid for their team yet, we will refund them for the timeslot and make it available to the public once more. That team will no longer be permitted to purchase a timeslot for this season.


We need to clean up our act

Today we received a very disappointing email.

EECC has informed us that not only are people bringing drinks and food into the gym, they don’t listen when they are told to leave it outside or say “just let me finish it first”.

We pride ourselves on being a respectful community that does not have to resort to discipline in order to do what’s right.

So let’s respect our spaces, keep our food and non-water beverages outside the gym, and curb this behaviour before we have to start enforcing disciplinary measures.

We need East Elmwood CC. More than 80% of our games are booked there. It is a great space that has catered to us in more ways than one. The staff is respectful and courteous and we should act the same way. We cannot take these gyms for granted, and as a whole we should be conducting ourselves more respectfully.

Incoming tournament

If you will be in town on the February long weekend, you should definitely come play dodgeball with us! It starts at 1:00 at East Elmwood CC February 18th and should take 5-6 hours to complete.

We are doing a draft-style tournament, which means that we play a quick 1v1 sudden death tournament, the winners of which will be the captains, then they choose teams from the available players and we play out a full tournament with these new teams!

Meet some new players, and compete in a tournament where the teams should be close in skill level and therefore everyone has a legitimate chance at winning!

The cost is low too, only $20 if you sign up by January 31, or $25 if you sign up in the month of February.

Register by sending your payment to or by visiting our webstore to check out via credit card/paypal.

Draft Stat Corrections

Our table showing the player stats in draft for the Winter 2018 season was not pulling correctly. For this reason we had to create a new one, which appears to be working properly.

Your standing may have changed, and if you have the previous list bookmarked please delete the bookmark as the new player stats list has a different URL.

Thank you!

In case you forgot…

Last season, we added an addendum to our standings page. In the description of the “draws” column, we added that in Winter 2018, a loss in Sudden death would provide a single point (much like overtime loss in hockey). This was because the WDBF rulebook received an update that ended the possibility for a game to end in a draw.

This was at the bottom of the standings page, and while some people noticed it, many did not. We just wanted to make sure there was no confusion as to the “SDL” column in standings – which means Sudden Death Loss.

All the schedules are done!

Thursday schedules are finally out! Thursdays provided the biggest challenge for us as it is our second biggest night, and we have done our best to make the schedule as fair as possible to everyone. Unless there is a legitimate error (3 teams listed for the same time, or the wrong gym posted on a game) we will not be changing the schedule any further. Silver teams, please check the schedule for your double header (each team has one).

For Thursday nights, games starting at 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30 are at East Elmwood and games starting at 8:00 or 9:00 are at Sinclair Park. If you notice a game erroneously listed as the wrong gym, or if a team’s double header is listed at 2 separate gyms, please notify us. We have gone over the schedule to make sure this is not the case but it is possible we missed something. Please do not email us if your team plays the same team twice or for any reason other than the ones listed in this post. This was a very tricky schedule to make and believe us when we say we have done our best to please everyone as best as possible.

There have been changes since yesterday. The schedule was not complete/published at that time so if you wrote any games down make sure you double check as many have been moved around since then.