Month: May 2017

Thursday May 11th

Hello again,

We have had to move Thursday May 11th games to June 1st. We have too many players and staff that will be missing that day (as they will be at the National Dodgeball Festival in Barrie, ON) and will not have enough staff/players in Winnipeg to make running games on that date feasible.

Captains have been notified via email. Enjoy the beautiful weather and the break, as there are no Sunday games on May 14th either. Monday May 15th will happen as normal. Thanks again!

The issue with the standings page has been sorted

Hello all,

Last week it was brought to our attention the standings had not updated in roughly 2 weeks. We have sorted the issues behind the scenes that caused this, expect to see standings up to date shortly. We have begun work on them now. Thanks!

Gym etiquette

Hello everyone, with the weather warming up we need to remind everyone:

  1. The shoes you wear in the gym CANNOT be the ones you wore outside the gym. Even when it is dry out, your shoes still bring dust and dirt in with them and it creates an unsafe/unclean court if gym shoes are worn outdoors.
  2. The only drink allowed in the gym is water. Energy drinks are not permitted in the gym. Ever.  If you absolutely must drink coffee, red bull, cola, etc. you must do so in the hallway or outdoors.

We have a commitment to our gymnasiums that we will keep them clean and safe, and that requires everyone to do their part and follow the rules.

Thank you!