Month: August 2017

Tonight’s games will be delayed

There is an issue with Sturgeon today and without notice they have told us they cannot start our games until 7:00.

We will send out an email immediately following this to those affected. We will not have the 5 minute warm up or cool down today we will go straight into games so hopefully the 9:30 games can start as close to on time as possible so we aren’t all stuck there late.

We are sorry about this, we showed up today expecting everything to be normal but these things happen and we are doing our best to get things back on track.

For tonight we will be eliminating the 5 minute warm up, there will be no break at half time, and the next game will start immediately following the end of the game prior. Attendance will be done between rounds or at the end of the game.

Thank you all for your understanding, we are doing everything we can to make the best of this situation.

Fall is going to be HUGE

We are looking forward to a massive fall season, and we do mean massive. We sold out last fall, when we had space for only ~80 or so teams. With 65 teams this summer, we shattered all expectations. Summer is typically when people gravitate away from indoor sports, but not Winnipeg!

This fall we are prepared for much higher numbers than in past. We spent the last few months digging for suitable gym space, and now we have space for 16 draft teams, 42 Sundays, 8 Mondays, 14 Tuesdays, 18 Wednesdays, 6 Premier, and 14 Thursdays.

This is all based on previous registration numbers and our projections for growth this season based on growth in previous seasons. If we manage to fill a night, we will look for more space but in the meantime let’s fill up what we got!

Submitting rosters

Please be aware that this season we will be clamping down on teams that submit rosters with fake names. This creates a massive headache for us, as each player is entered into our system and has a profile. If they are entered with their real name on one team, and their facebook name on another, this means we have now created two separate profiles, and reconciling the two after we find out is a massive headache and more work than is reasonable.

When the league only had 64 players, it was easy to spot who was who and fix it. We expect to have in excess of 700 players in the fall, and it is just not feasible to look over each and every one and figure out who has been submitted with multiple different names.

We are all adults here, take the thirty seconds to ask each player what their full name is. You may be surprised to find out that a lot of people use their middle name instead of their last name, or a fake first name since they don’t want work contacts or a crazy ex to find them.

TLDR: Find out your teammates’ actual names before submitting your roster


Thank you!

Registration is open, summer rosters closed

Fall registration is open now! The forms are up on the Team, Draft, and Premier registration pages.

Summer roster changes are no longer permitted as all divisions have completed 5 games. The roster submission page will now be for entering your fall teams.

Drop ins

Another reminder drop ins are no longer happening Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our drop in registration page was updated indicating that the Tuesday and Thursday drop ins were cancelled.

The ONLY drop in events currently available are the charity sock drive events, which you can find by going to our schedule page and clicking drop in. This will take you to the Facebook event pages for these events.


Survey results are in!

The survey on the future of stat keepers received 100 responses, which broke down as follows:

We are going to implement the option the community chose (each team is required to provide a stat keeper for the hour opposite the one they play), and blend it with the second option of a raffle each week.

The cost of draft will be increased by $0.95 which gives us just over $120 to buy merch/shwag for the people who do keep stats each week. In addition, at the end of the season all stat keepers who kept stats at least 5 times will be entered into a draw for half price draft the next season (OR a $30 DW gift code if they are not playing draft), and the stat keeper who keeps stats the most times (5 times minimum) will win a red DW hoodie (we will permit ties, so if multiple people tie for most stats kept, they will all win hoodies).

Captains will be contacted each week to find out who they have wrangled for stats, and any team that does not organize a stat keeper for the slot they’re responsible for will receive scores of 0 for their stats that week. We will put together a calendar so that teams can organize their stat keeping responsibilities as far in advance as they wish.

Thanks again to everyone for your input! We will be opening up draft registration soon. 64 slots will be reserved for the returning players from this summer, and 64 more slots will be opened to the public right away. On August 31st any reserved slots that are unused will be opened the public as well.

Premier league makes a comeback!

Premier league is coming back this fall! It will look a bit different from last time, but will offer that same top level of competition you have come to expect. This will not affect regular league play

  1. It will be run on a 30’x60′ court in a 49’x80′ gymnasium, meaning there are boundaries on all sides with ~10′ of extra space around all sides
  2. There will be no gender minimums. This will allow men’s and women’s provincial teams to practice together in real game situations
  3. There will likely be nets behind each team’s rear out line
  4. Teams will be required to bring their own ball shagger(s) each game, the league will not provide these and they are necessary to keep the balls in play so be prepared!
  5. This is not for the faint of heart! There will be teams here who compete at the national level, and this is our way of catering to the competitive community
  6. It will run Wednesday nights 7:00-10:00pm, meaning there is only room for 6 teams
  7. Cost will be $595 during early bird, $645 after the early bird deadline is passed
  8. There will be 2 referees, but we still expect you to be honest. The extra ref is because people will now also be called for stepping out of bounds on the back lines and the extra set of eyes will help keep track of this
  9. Due to setup and teardown of nets, games will have 20 minute halves (the WDBF standard) instead of 25 minutes (the DW standard)