3 Tayler Yuel

League Player, Draft Player
Shirt size
Women's XL
Current Team
In Cheeseus We Crust, Natural Disasters, No Diggi-Brie No Dodge, Shaneanigans II, Winnipeg Cheese-Stringers
Past Teams
Beastie Balls, Facebreakers 2.0, Hunting with Mr. Hanson, Hustletivity (TM), Prestige Worldwide, Shane Willing and the Homewreckers, The Curdashians, The Moisemakers: G-Mixed, Yuel Brennas
Draft League, Draft Playoffs, Monday, Sunday Gold, Thursday Bronze, Thursday Gold, Tuesday Bronze/Silver, Tuesday Gold, Wednesday
2015, 2016, 2017, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2016, Summer 2017, Summer draft 2017, Winter 2016, Winter 2017

Draft League

SeasonTeamHitsCatchesGame PointsPresentTotal ScoreWaiverYellow CardsRed Cards
Fall 2015Prestige Worldwide11431978224.5000
Spring 2016The Moisemakers: G-Mixed49546582000
Winter 2016Facebreakers 2.08721467152000

Career Total

SeasonHitsCatchesGame PointsPresentTotal ScoreWaiverYellow CardsRed Cards
Fall 201511431978224.5000