Reserve your time slot

For $75 a team can reserve a timeslot, but these will be on a first come first serve basis.

This means that only the first team to reserve a time slot on their night will be guaranteed their preference. Nights that have too many teams with reserved times will be removed from the form entirely.

The form to reserve a time slot will now be available through a link on the registration email you receive once you have paid for your team.

We will publish any time slots that are already paid for on this page. We will not allow two teams to buy the same time slot unless they are in the same division (e.g. We will not allow a gold and a silver team to buy the same time slot, but two teams playing at the same level could buy the same slot)

Sunday 7:00/7:30: Poke My Balls (Silver)

Tuesday 6:30: The Winged Hussars (Silver)

Wednesday 8:00/8:30: Projectile Dysfunction (Bronze)

Thursday 7:00/7:30: Prairie Fire (Silver)