Season: 2019

Newbie Night – free introduction to dodgeball

If you have been wanting to try Dodgeball, now is your chance to do so free of charge. Dodgeball is an accessible sport for all levels of athleticism and all body types. It is a great way to get and stay active, and to meet new people!

Bring a clean pair of indoor-only shoes with non-marking soles – that’s all you need to play!

An experienced and friendly referee will be on site to show you the ropes, demonstrate the rules, divide the attending players into teams, and introduce you to the sport in general.

The entrance fee for this event is as follows:
1) You must not have played in Dodgeball Winnipeg before (have never been on a team)
2) If you have been on a team in our league before, you must bring a person who has never been on a team in our league before
3) We will not accept cash entrance, nor will we allow experienced players to play unless they bring a newbie with them

We do not encourage anyone to play more than one session, as 2 hours of dodgeball is a long time to play and your throwing arm will need to rest.

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All Dodgeball Winnipeg events are for adults 18+.

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