The Dodgeball Lowdown 7/2/2015

Weho dodgeball is hosting a Sin City Shootout Dodgeball festival in Las Vegas. The Festival runs January 15-17, 2016.

Registration has already started for this event and the spots are going fast. This is an LGBT event but straight folks are allowed to register with the team as well. Each team must have a 3 gay minimum and are subject to approval to make sure there are no ‘stacked’ teams.

Registration costs: $65 per player on a team, if you are playing in another division it’s only an additional $35. For traveling teams there are event discounts available. Visit for more details on discounts.

Co-ed no sting – teams of 8 – 2 female min per team
Co-ed 8.5 – Teams of 6 – 2 female min per team
Womens – Teams of 8 – have not heard back if self-identified women are allowed, judging by the exclamation point I’m assuming no but email the event to inquire.

The event’s main focus is for a good time, and from what I have heard it will be an amazing event. I will not be making it this round due to other travel obligations in 2016. But I have kept this event in my August follow up event folder.

The Canadian Dodgeball Association (CDA) has just announced their new tryouts layout, so you can try and be a part of Team Canada.

You have to play in the provincials to have a chance to make the Canadian team. In my opinion, there are a few teams of 5 in Winnipeg that can win the provincial rounds. I can share my fantasy teams in person if you want to know who.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t think you can win provincials, you still have a chance to make the Canadian team by showing off your mad skills at provincials. The CDA will be looking for 3 players coast to coast to add to Team Canada.

Honestly, Winnipeg has a lot of potential to be on this team, I have seen a lot of growth in players both male and female. If this is something you want to do, tell me. I’ll cheer you on. No one wants to see you fail, we want to see you grow.

For more details on the new qualifying tryouts, visit

In case you fell asleep on the dodgeball court again with your Saturday night hangover, Dodgeball Winnipeg has opened up the registration forms for the January 2016 Co-ed Team, Co-Ed Draft and Womens Draft Leagues.

This is a great time to get used to the World Dodgeball Federation rules for the Team Canada tryouts.

If you have any dodgeball events that you want to share, send an email to, I’ll do my best to add it to the Dodgeball Lowdown.
See you on the court.