Learn to play Dodgeball this Thursday at EECC

We are hosting an event at East Elmwood Community Center (490 Keenleyside) 7:30-9:30pm to teach players the basic of Dodgeball. $10/person, check out the facebook event here.

You should come to this event if:

  1. You have never played dodgeball as an adult
  2. You have played dodgeball in any other league (we are the only league in Winnipeg that uses the international standard WDBF rules)
  3. You are joining our league for the first time
  4. You have teammates who are new and they want you to come so they don’t have to go alone

You should not come to this event if you are already very experienced in dodgeball in our community. This event is 100% focused on teaching players the game and giving them some experience, it will not be like our drop-in events where there is space for both beginner and top level players. For people just looking to get more playing time in, please check out our drop-in today (Tuesday January 2nd) at EECC. Also 7:30-9:30pm.