Draft Champions

Season Team Captain
Spring 2024 Seven Devlin Sins
Theo Devlin
Winter 2024 Timbits Dodgeball
Timothy Delorme
Fall 2023 Uncle Terry
Terrence Sampson
Summer 2023 Hit Me Better One More Time Kyle Lavoie
Spring 2023 Little Chartes 2.0 Colin Chartier
Winter 2023 Who’s Jesse? Jesse Copet
Fall 2022 Shaneanigans X
Jonathan Tsuchino
Summer 2022 Moister than an Oyster Episode III: Revenge of the Towel Greg Pacheco
Spring 2022 Prairie Proud Austin Coombes
Winter 2022 Code Red Colton Bertrand
Fall 2021 Code Red Colton Bertrand
Winter 2020 Schmidt Disturbers II Josh Schmidt
Fall 2019 Timbits Dodgeball 2.0
Timothy Delorme
Summer 2019 Timbits Dodgeball
Timothy Delorme
Spring 2019 Dragon Ballz S15
Nathanael Gatza
Winter 2019 Sexpos Jordan Ferris
Fall 2018 Buckethats NOT Required Colin Chartier
Summer 2018 Shirt Catches Offend Me Austin Woods