Summer Mixer Men’s/Women’s Divisions

Mens/Womens Competitive replacement division for summer. *MENS IS FULL*

Overview: A division that will take place in summer that will REPLACE mens/womens competitive. Register as an individual and be thrown into the blender with other players of your identified gender.

The goal: Take edge off of the comp gendered divisions by having a fun SUMMER MIXER that is conveniently timed after several important competitive circuit tournaments. Play with new people, people you wouldn’t normally play with, make new friends, forge new alliances and make new frenemies with your regular men’s/women’s teammates!

Is this one division, or two divisions? Two, a men’s and women’s scramble league. A minimum of 32 signups in each are required for the divisions to operate.

How big are the teams? Minimum of 8 players per team

How much does it cost? $79.95

How are the teams decided?
Players are tiered in a point system based on previous placement in mens/womens divisions. Riel cup placement is considered if there are participants who haven’t played in DW Mens/Womens comp divisions for 4 seasons prior to each summer division. New players who haven’t participated in either would be at the same value as the last place team’s players.

Each team is then randomly selected – but normalized by tier of the players via excel macro. Once the rosters are in and the players are tiered, in essence, the total # of pts of the entire division will be divided by the amount of teams, and the teams will be normalized by being selected to achieve as close to that point number as possible.

Example – There are 64 participants and after the participants are tiered, let’s say we decide to do 8 teams of 8. Let’s say the total tier points of the division after calculation is 320 pts. Each team will have their players randomized but will be ranked as CLOSE to (320 pts / 8 teams = 40) 40 tier pts per team to achieve maximum parity.

This will mean it will be impossible for the randomization to stack teams; and you MORE likely to be matched with teammates that DON’T share the same tier pts value as you (more likely to be matched with players of other mens/womens teams).

Who captains the team? Once teams are decided they can choose their captains/team names however they please. There will be deadlines for this.

From this point on, it will operate as any normal mens/womens competitive division, sans the ability to make roster changes. The draft league permanent replacement rule will largely be used if replacements are required, however, teams of similar “tier pts” based on previous seasons would be used to determine replacements above draft stats.

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