Schedules are rolling out

We are currently working round the clock to get this season’s schedules out. We’d like to answer a few FAQs about this process:

Q: When will the schedules be completed?

A: As soon as we have all the necessary information (registration completed, rosters submitted, etc) we begin working on schedules. Some nights are easier to handle (Wednesdays we had 8 teams so there is no need to work on divisions, we got the schedules out right away. Sundays has 27 teams that need to be sorted, and sometimes the format has to be reworked to accommodate an odd number of teams, so it takes longer)

Q: Can we please be scheduled at a specific gym at a specific time?

A: When you registered at the beginning of the season, if you contacted us to be the team in your division that pays for their time slot ($75 for the season) then yes you can. If your team did not, we will not be able to accommodate special requests.

Q: One of our game times does not work for us, can we change it?

A: Sorry, we cannot. We have a lot of scheduling that happens behind the scenes with regards to referees (all of our refs also play on teams) so scheduling is not a fluid process that can be changed after it is completed.

Q: Why does it take so long to release schedules?

A: To keep our referees sane, we only schedule them 2-3 hours at a time, and most of them also play on teams on the nights they play. Scheduling most nights is a complicated process that takes 1-2 hours per night organized. In addition, each division requires each player to be programmed in to their team and division before scheduling can start, which takes 1-2 minutes per player. This means that Sundays alone take ~40 hours of labour to finish rosters and ~20 hours of labour to schedule.


Thank you very much for reading this. We are currently working on Sundays and will have Tuesdays and Thursdays completed shortly after Sundays are done. Thank you!