Late registration

Our official deadline for teams to register has passed, but we have a few spaces open and would like to fill them. We are looking for:

1 team Mondays (Bronze or Silver level)

1 team Wednesdays (Bronze level)

1 team Thursdays (Silver level)

1 team Sundays (Silver level)

If you’re curious where you belong, Silver level is ideal for people who have played dodgeball before, or have not but are athletic. If you’ve played football, baseball, volleyball, or any other relevant sport at any level above beginner, you should be fine at the silver level and that is likely where you should start. Bronze is truly for beginners – people who are learning the sport as well as throwing mechanics and other base level skills.

The absolute final deadline will be December 27th if we have not filled the spots by then we will have to go forth with divisions that have double headers.