We need to clean up our act

Today we received a very disappointing email.

EECC has informed us that not only are people bringing drinks and food into the gym, they don’t listen when they are told to leave it outside or say “just let me finish it first”.

We pride ourselves on being a respectful community that does not have to resort to discipline in order to do what’s right.

So let’s respect our spaces, keep our food and non-water beverages outside the gym, and curb this behaviour before we have to start enforcing disciplinary measures.

We need East Elmwood CC. More than 80% of our games are booked there. It is a great space that has catered to us in more ways than one. The staff is respectful and courteous and we should act the same way. We cannot take these gyms for granted, and as a whole we should be conducting ourselves more respectfully.