Don’t forget!

  1. Please do not arrive early. If you do, please remain outside the venue physically distanced from other people, or remain in your vehicle until it is time to enter the facility.
  2. Please leave the gym immediately after your game. Socializing can take place outside the venue, but we need to vacate the gymnasium before we can fill it for the next game, and hanging around after/taking your time/talking to other people cuts into the next group’s warmup time. Please be respectful and leave right away.
  3. No more high fives/hand shakes! For this season we ask that the teams face each other from across the court and do “finger guns” at the opposing teams. Ideally, make eye contact with and finger gun towards each other player, to show your good sportsmanship. We are still doing the three cheers for the other team. Lining up with high fives/handshakes will return after the pandemic.