Fall 2023 Price Increase

To all of our dodgeballers,

Over the years dodgeball has thrived in the sense of inclusivity and barrier reduction to adult sport. It has been so long since we have had a price change, that we feel it is necessary to be as transparent as possible. As some of you may know, COVID-19 saw the beginning of a drastic inflation to our general world in Canada. Dodgeball was not exempt from this, and everything from gym time to balls has inflated to a near 25-50% rate in some cases. For as long as we have been able to, we have held off increasing our prices to allow that accessibility and affordability back into the sport after the pandemic died down. It was important to us to deliver dodgeball as it was before the pandemic, after the pandemic.

After just shy of two years after returning to play, we have had to make the decision to increase our team fees and adjust our shop prices to reflect the new costs of operating for Fall 2023 and beyond. Please trust that we do not take these increases lightly, and will take as marginal steps as possible in any change we make. Accessibility and affordability is still our priority.

Team fees will be going up $50 per team. Recreational/Intermediate teams will now be $625 and competitive teams will now be $645. For a roster of 8 individuals, this is a price increase of approximately $6 per person per season. (or 66 cents per game, per person). Draft or individual registration will also be adjusted to reflect the changes ($79.95). The majority of the funds as a result of the increase will be going into investing in our officials while the rest will combat the inflation towards operating costs. In regards to our officials, we intend to incentivize active participation in officiating games and making officiating more desirable monetarily, while also consulting and creating development and evaluation programs for officiating that are already being prepared for launch in Fall 2023.

If anyone has any questions, please reach out to info@dodgeballwinnipeg.com. Thank you,